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Framework RM1027
Fuel Cards and Associated Services

MileageCount as part of The Fuelcard Group (Fuel Card Services Ltd) are pleased to advise you that they have been selected to be Crown Commercial Service supplier of Fuel Cards and Associated Services, which covers the MileageCount fleet management system ( framework agreement – RM1027 ).

The agreement was specifically designed to support managers on the public sector who have responsibility for fleet management. Its aim is to assist them in the overall control of their vehicles, whilst reducing the costs of running their fleets. As well as offering them with an a simplified method of payment for their diesel and petrol requirements, it will also supply them with vital information in a digestible format. Helping to improve the efficiency of public service fleets will also support the Government’s austerity program and environmental targets.

The framework is made available to all organisations working in the public sector, it has been designed to assist those who run a fleet consisting of just a couple of vehicles as well as those running hundreds, who would like to find the best fuel cards and associated services available to them.

Summary of the benefits that the framework brings to you:

1) A secure method for the procurement of diesel and petrol fuel
2) Widest range of products offering a nationwide network of refuelling stations
3) Simple route to controlling and reducing your fleet costs
4) Detailed management reporting , available online 24/7

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