MileageCount is

the one stop solution for fleet management

MileageCount fleet management software offers simple, highly accurate mileage capture for fast, straightforward reporting of business and private mileage. Additional benefits include meeting HMRC guidelines and improved duty of care.


available where your drivers need it

The MileageCount fuel card for fast, easy refuelling with diesel and petrol at virtually all of the UK’s forecourts. This includes supermarkets and motorway service stations for an unbeatable, combined total of more than 7,600 locations.


as easy as 1 2 3

The new smartphone app makes tracking business and private journeys as easy as 1 2 3. It uses the smartphone’s internal GPS so mileage is accurate with no time wasted on writing down journey details, no paper records to be kept, no extra hardware needed.


place-and-go automatic accuracy

With an app on the smartphone and optional iBeacon placed anywhere in the vehicle, MileageCount makes it easy. Recording starts and stops automatically when the driver enters and leaves the vehicle. Foolproof mileage capture with nothing else needed.



cost savings, operational efficiency and compliance

When it comes to fleet management, whether you are a business owner, fleet manager, HR or finance director, we know that you are under pressure to deliver ever increasing efficiencies and cost savings, whilst protecting your organisation against the risk of non-compliance and delivering improved duty of care. MileageCount has been developed specifically with you and your drivers in mind. Faster submissions through our driver friendly system reduces admin time for them and you, whilst improving accuracy of reporting and privacy of data.


peace of mind for every organisation

With a growing base of 25,000 customers, MileageCount is the answer for any public or private sector business that wants a better way to manage mileage capture and more. Our fully supported system provides a total fleet management solution you can rely on to reduce claims, cut administration time and deliver peace of mind through accurate reporting and compliance. We have partnerships with all major fuel card providers, tax & accountancy organisations and accredited licence, insurance and MOT validation vendors.

Reduce business mileage claims by up to 23%

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Additional benefits

Meeting HMRC guidelines

Accurate, consistent reporting that complies with HMRC regulations

Duty of care

Avoid fines or liability. Reduced accidents saves lives and money, offers peace of mind and reduced operational fleet costs.