Many companies dread an HMRC audit.
When it comes to company mileage records, these fears are well-founded:

If HMRC uncovers poor record-keeping or private usage of business-paid fuel, it can trigger punishing charges.

Typical HMRC settlement costs for private fuel benefit average £3,500 per driver per year, dating back four years. For a fleet of 25 vehicles, that could lead to a settlement of £350k, plus penalties.

Yet with MileageCount, all journeys can be recorded precisely and automatically. Developed in conjunction with Big 4 accountancy expertise, it’s the most efficient way to save time, save money and save worry about HMRC audits.

Follow these easy steps to help minimise HMRC mileage audit worries:

  1. Select and set up the mileage recording method that best suits you
  2. When you drive MileageCount automatically records mileage
  3. Upload your journeys to the MileageCount portal
  4. MileageCount intuitively helps you sort business and private trips
  5. Check and submit your mileage claim
  6. A manager approves your submission

The mileage reports stored in MileageCount for up to seven years will help you to pass an HMRC audit, provided all the steps have been followed correctly.

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