Saville Audio Visual is one of the UK’s most experienced and innovative providers of event technology and services. Its portfolio encompasses everything from integrated AV/IT systems to live conference production services. Regular customers include leading universities, hospitals, government department and public sector organisations, as well as blue-chip corporate clients across the UK and around the world.

As the UK’s largest AV, multimedia and videoconferencing specialist, Saville has been at the industry’s forefront for more than 40 years. It operates from ten nationwide locations and has over 250 personnel. These include 75 people who regularly driver on company business and are required to submit monthly mileage expense claims.

Saville used to rely upon the traditional paper-based way of handling claims. This meant drivers having to complete standard forms using their own mileage estimates, for reimbursement using a fixed pence-per-mile formula. The system was open to all of the traditional drawbacks inherent in a manual system.

In 2013, Saville switched to MileageCount. It was driven by the need to introduce more realistic fuel cost repayments, calculated using actual expenditure on fuel and accurate recording of journey mileages. In the initial implementation, it used manual entry of journey data by drivers. This was subsequently upgraded for even greater accuracy, with automated mileage capture using GPS dongles. This minimised the need for driver interaction with the system and enabled journey waypoints to be mapped to within ten metres.

Some degree of support is generally required when any new technology is introduced. With MileageCount, this is covered as thoroughly as every other aspect, as Sarah Waller can confirm. She is Saville’s payroll manager and fleet and human resources co-ordinator, so her responsibilities include mileage recording and expenses reimbursements. She describes the availability, patience and helpful attitudes of the MileageCount Support Team as really encouraging. After a short learning curve, she says, the solution largely manages itself.

Saville’s use of MileageCount has even impressed the taxman. Nobody likes the inconvenience of being audited by HMRC, but Saville went into a recent check with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that its mileage information was all accountable and easily accessible. The HMRC auditor was not just satisfied with the results of the examination, but commented that Saville is operating a very futuristic solution.

Introducing MileageCount has made life easier for drivers, making sure that they are properly reimbursed for business expenses. It has eased the administration and managerial workload, ensuring that outgoing payments are correct.

Most of all, Saville now has a mileage recording system that enables full, accurate reporting to a standard that even impresses HMRC.