Your clients count the savings,
you take the credit

If your clients have employees who claim for mileage, then you can offer all the benefits of MileageCount as your own.

Save up to 21%

How many of your customers have employees who claim for business mileage? It’s worth asking. Because you could help them reduce those claims by up to 21%. And save their employees time spent filling out forms instead of doing their job.

Partnering with MileageCount is a simple way to
enhance your offer to customers, increase revenue, and lock-in loyalty

And it’s easy to do: MileageCount’s software is now available as ‘white label’ solutions, so you can apply your own branding – just as BP and others do for their customers – and help save them thousands.

For Mears Group the savings on drivers’ time alone were worth over £200K, while mileage claims dropped by over 15%.

£200K saving on drivers’ time
15% drop in mileage claims

With MileageCount you can offer the option to
integrate fuel card usage for all or some vehicles in a fleet

This makes it ideal for mixed fleets.

Without fuel card

Without fuel card

Use MileageCount for standalone mileage capture and reporting.

With fuel card

Without fuel card

Integrate fuel card usage with mileage management for extra reporting benefits.

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