The MileageCount app is now available for both Android and Apple smartphones. The app is automatically triggered by an iBeacon so it always remembers to count mileage even when drivers don’t. The iBeacon automatically switches on the app as the driver approaches the car.

Drivers using the MileageCount iBeacon app can focus 100% on work and arriving safely at their destinations. They won’t need to think about counting miles with the iBeacon app from MileageCount that is now available for both Android and Apple phones.

All drivers need to do is download the app, place a tiny iBeacon in their cars, pair the two devices and drive. The app automatically records each journey from start to finish and intelligently separates personal from business trips. Journeys are available in a user-friendly report for drivers to check and submit.

With MileageCount iBeacon apps:

  • each driver saves an average of two hours a week on administration;
  • mileage claims can be reduced by 21% and;
  • reporting helps meet HMRC guidelines in case of an audit.

Focus on more important things, like your business, while the MileageCount iBeacon app counts every mile for every driver.

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