Mileage capture automated with revolutionary iBeacon technology

Accurate mileage recording no longer requires any action from drivers with iPhones, thanks to the iBeacon from MileageCount.

The new technology, which begins and stops recording each journey automatically, is now available in the UK for mileage capture. It uses wireless communication with a driver’s iPhone to recognise when they enter and leave the vehicle.

Jez Strong, MileageCount commercial manager, said, “This breakthrough means that drivers no longer have to remember to turn anything on or off. The vehicle’s iBeacon and the MileageCount app on the driver’s iPhone take care of everything. It removes the risk of journeys being forgotten altogether, or mileage not being fully recorded.”

The iBeacon is a coin-sized device, placed anywhere within the vehicle, which communicates specifically with the driver’s individual iPhone. As a driver approaches their vehicle, the iBeacon establishes a connection and turns on the MileageCount app installed on the iPhone. The initial GPS location is recorded and journey tracking begins. When the driver leaves the vehicle, iBeacon notes the final GPS location, ends the trip and turns off the app.

Jez Strong said, “Fleet managers will welcome the assurance of complete, foolproof mileage tracking. Drivers will be happy that iBeacon uses Bluetooth LE, which allows simultaneous use of classic Bluetooth. They can still listen to music or take hands-free calls, while iBeacon does its work in the background.”

MileageCount enables simple, accurate tracking of every journey for separation into business and private mileages. The whole system is error-free and paperless. It enables drivers to record, and fleet managers to analyse, every journey made by each vehicle in the fleet. As the app is integrated with the MileageCount application, and independent of the vehicle, it allows tracking of any particular individual’s journeys regardless of the vehicle or vehicles they drive. Once recorded, all journeys can then be analysed with equal simplicity for business reporting purposes.

Further information is available from Jez Strong at MileageCount:; (m) 07774 016184; (dl) 0113 384 6260.