Innovative mileage capture software even better with smartphone app

The launch of the MileageCount smartphone app means that fleet managers will now find the UK’s most innovative mileage capture and driver management software even easier to use. It is now live and ready to download as a free app for either Android or Apple smartphones.

MileageCount fleet management software offers simple, highly accurate mileage capture for fast, straightforward reporting of business and private mileage. Previously, it has been offered for use with a GPS dongle, or with mileage data entered manually and validated by Google. Now, available without needing pc connectivity, MileageCount – the smartphone app.

Using the free MileageCount app is extremely simple. The driver merely presses “START” before setting off. Arriving at the destination, the driver presses “STOP” and the journey mileage is saved. Each journey is accurate to within a few metres, monitored using the smartphone’s own internal GPS system.

Having previously registered the app with your MileageCount account, full details of a journey can then be uploaded with a tap of the finger. Uploading can be carried out after each individual journey, or any other convenient time.

MileageCount enables simple, accurate tracking of every journey for separation into business and private mileages. The whole system is error-free and paperless. It enables drivers to record, and fleet managers to analyse, every journey made by each vehicle in the fleet. As the app is integrated with the MileageCount application, and independent of the vehicle, it allows tracking of any particular individual’s journeys regardless of the vehicle or vehicles they drive. Once recorded, all journeys can then be analysed with equal simplicity for business reporting purposes.

The MileageCount app is available now, with the MileageCount team ready to answer questions at The FleetWorld Fleet Show 2015, being held at Silverstone on 12th May 2015. Further information is available from Jez Strong at; (m) 07774 016184; (dl) 0113 384 6260.