Yes! We will assign a payment/reimbursement structure to each driver meaning their repayments or deductions will be calculated as they complete their mileage submissions. These calculations are then accessible by your company administrator who can generate a payroll report at month end to pass to the finance team to process for wages.

Yes! Let us know how you need each driver setting up and we will do this. Be it HMRC rates or a company standard rate that you need we can be flexible. We also have the ability to offer AFC (actual Fuel Cost) which is the fairest way of deducting personal mileage as it calculates the % of personal miles against what the driver has ACTUALLY paid for their fuel.

That is fine! The MileageCount system is capable of managing multiple reimbursement types throughout any one fleet – let us know what it is that you currently run and we will be able to set this up – or maybe suggest alternatives for you to consider.

Yes! If you have a car that is perhaps shared by a number of users you could have one ibeacon left in the shared vehicle and make sure each user is paired to this (this is limited to 5 devices per iBeacon).

Yes! We know that one size does not fit all and that some drivers may prefer a dongle to using a mobile device for example and that is fine.

Unlike telematics which usually entails a fixed black box device being fitted to each vehicle which can be seen as quite invasive to some drivers (especially anyone who uses their own vehicle for business), our solution involves NO installation (which means you’ll avoid possible down time on a vehicle – and avoid any additional fees for instalment). Ours is a plug and play or App device that is user friendly and offers no element of real time information to the business. Drivers have the ability to control their information and data until they submit it to their approver to enable them to claim the business mileage they have done for that month – they also then have the ability to ONLY submit business claims and to protect any private journeys.

Typically, Telematics are used in commercial fleets, where you require live tracking where as MileageCount is a driver and business centric tool for completing mileage expense claims.

We are generally agnostic as to how we retrieve the data required and can even integrate with Telematics boxes if you already use these, to pull data for fast easy expense submissions without needing a second device.

If you do need as in depth information as you may get from a telematics provider then at a fraction of the cost – MileageCount is a great cost effective alternative to consider as a standalone or as part of a fleet that has telematics.

YES! We have links with a number of different fuel card providers and being part of Fuel Card Services, a fuel card broker, we also have access to link to 8 different fuel cards as well as direct relationships with some of the major fuel card provides.

Straight away is the usual answer, although we are aware that every fleet is different! The best way to measure this is to record some bench-mark results and performances before you implement MileageCount and we can then assist with measuring your progress. By using the system correctly, you are protecting your business from day one should you be audited by HMRC – this in itself could see you avoid considerable fines. Aside from this, drivers instantly are only able to claim for miles that were actually driven and our impressive colour coding facility ensures that approvers are able to approve accurate mileage claims with ease by drawing attention to any irregular claims or trips, which perhaps should not be business mileage.

See our case study showing how Mears saw quick ROI

Yes! We have standard system reports available at the tip of your fingers but we are also able to offer comprehensive bespoke reports should you require. Just let us know what you need.
When used correctly, MileageCount enables you to keep accurate records that meet the guidelines set out by HMRC. Accurate mileage record-keeping is essential to ensure that, for example, your company car drivers are not inadvertently exposed to private fuel benefits.

What are your responsibilities? Both the employer and employee are responsible for accurate record keeping.

Where HMRC uncover poor mileage record keeping, an employer may be unable to demonstrate that private fuel has not been provided, thereby triggering exposure to fuel scale charges.

In the absence of accurate mileage records, HMRC are likely to ask the employer to settle any liabilities arising.

What is the potential exposure? Typical HMRC settlement costs in respect of private fuel benefit average £3,500 per driver per year, for four prior years. A typical fleet of, say, 25 vehicles could lead to an overall settlement in the region of £350k, plus penalties.

Yes! We can agree a monthly subscription structure based on a standard 24* month agreement meaning there are no upfront charges for equipment.
No! There does not have to be any upfront charges if you would prefer to run a monthly subscription model as this monthly charge will incorporate any equipment fees. Unlike Telematics, there are no installation fees to pay either. Should you prefer to pay an upfront charge for the equipment you can and we will lower the monthly amounts.

Using our unique software solution, the system recognises regular journeys, weekend trips and even journeys done outside of your usual work hours meaning there is less for you to check and edit when it comes to submission. With the effective filter and sort function, the data can be simplified even further for you.


Fuel Cards:

We are part of Fuel Card Services (Part of DCC Group) and also have direct relationships with some of the big fuel card names, so we are able to put you in contact with a fuel card representative who will be able to discuss your requirements in more detail should you require. This data can also be fed back into the MileageCount system meaning you have access to accurate Mpg reporting and over filling facilities too.


Look at how you could save tax and National Insurance for both driver and employer by lowering the drivers car allowance and increasing their PPM – win win for all involved!


Could you save money by switching from fully expensed to fuel cards and use MileageCount to accurately record the miles you are paying.

Driver License, MOT and Insurance Checks:

Check and store all documents in one place with MileageCount

Duty of Care:

Editable duty of care statements can be added to your mileage claims ensuring drivers are agreeing and commenting where necessary each month.

MileageCount has been trading since 2013 and is part of The DCC Group, a FTSE 100 company, giving clients the confidence of dealing with an innovative market leader backed by the credibility of a large, well-established corporate.

Although DCC reaches across Europe, the MileageCount brand has preserved its small company ethos that allows clients to benefit from a personal touch and real people that care.

As specialists, the sole focus of MileageCount is on delivering the best in mileage capture and reporting. Being simple, user-friendly and providing valuable management information, MileageCount offers a choice of services as we appreciate no two companies are the same.

We collaborate closely with clients to help deliver the most effective and valuable solutions, knowing that we are stronger together.

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