Mileage expenses are costly and time-consuming. Companies often don’t know where to turn for help.
Become a MileageCount Partner and let them turn to you.

Here are 5 reasons to be a MileageCount partner:

1. Differentiation

With MileageCount you can offer fleet clients automated mileage capture and reporting that many fleet management companies don’t offer.

2. Loyalty

Once clients get used to saving up to 21% on mileage claims and 2-3 hours a month per driver, they won’t want to move their account and lose all these savings.

3. Revenue

MileageCount is a proven mileage management system that boosts your bottom line without upfront investment in software development.

4. Support

Our experienced support team handles MileageCount on-boarding and queries so your staff can focus on what they do best without being distracted.

5. Growth

Fleets can’t manage mileage if they can’t measure it accurately. As a MileageCount partner, you can grow by selling new tools for measuring and managing personal and business mileage claims.

The white label MileageCount suite is ready for you. Just add your logo and start selling this efficient mileage management system to your fleet clients.

To find out about becoming a MileageCount partner:

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